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Since starting my Healthy Revelations eNewsletter back in 2004, I've had the chance to communicate with hundreds of people from all over the world. I've been honored to hear from a variety of people who are actively living happy and healthy lives. They share with me their secrets and I listen with intense interest.

On the flip side, I also hear from people with very sad illnesses. Some of them have lived with a chronic conditions that presents an enormous daily challenge. Others are battling or have battled a terminal illness that eventually took their life. 

It’s been very difficult for me to deal with the death and disease some of my subscribers experience.  Hearing their stories, I wanted to do something to help, but what could I do?  

After much thought, it came to me.  I may not be able to heal those who are ill, but I could pass on valuable information that I’ve learned from them that could help other’s before a serious illness attacks. 

I decided to look into the reasons why people get disease and illnesses. I wanted to see if there were any preventative tactics that helped to avoid sickness.

For example, I know we’ve all heard that diet and exercise are the keys to good health. I wanted to verify this as fact and discover what other factors go into good health, happiness and longevity.

I took it upon myself to find the truth about good health. First I had to define what a healthy person is.

A healthy person shares the qualities listed below:

  • Wake up happy and excited to start the day
  • Eat nutritious foods and try to live by the RDA standards
  • Share love with their family, friends, and community
  • Thankful for what they have
  • Exercise their minds and bodies daily
  • Get satisfaction from helping others
  • Have positive outlooks on life and the afterlife
  • Go to bed happy

These qualities were taken from over 50 people I interviewed who all considered themselves to be healthy.

Once I acquired this information, I felt the need to share it with others. If I could focus on prevention instead of treatment, I could help many of my subscriber's feel good about themselves and live happy, healthy productive lives.


We are a drugged society

This included me! We all grew up knowing we could take pills to soothe any ache or pain. Even today when we watch the TV, we're told over and over again what drugs can help us. The drug companies come prepared with their trained staff of drugs sales representatives who lobby a doctor's offices every day.

Did you know drug reps treat doctors, nurses and physicians assistants to extravagant dinners, lunches, golf outings and more on a daily basis? Their goal is to get the doctors they visit to recommend prescriptions of their overpriced drugs to their patients

As you probably already know, drug companies must prove the effectiveness of their drugs before they’re approved by the FDA.  On the surface, this sounds great.  But the problem I have with the approval is that none of the drugs are 100% safe. 

I’m sure you’ve seen commercials on TV for a particular drug that proudly declares what it can cure, only to rattle off a ton of side effects the drug may present.  Drugs affect people in many different ways.


For every action there is a reaction

The other night, I was watching CNN.  Cyril Wecht, a Pennsylvania coroner, reported that almost half of all deaths in the US occur from drugs or some type of bodily poison that is "self induced".

This was shocking to hear!  After hearing him speak, I realized that we must all learn how to heal ourselves in a healthy way before turning to drugs to cure the problem. 

Now I realize that prescription drugs are sometimes necessary.  Depending on what we’re facing, we might need a prescription to help our body heal from a variety of illnesses.  I also believe that a lot of people are more willing to pop a pill than to find out what is causing the actual problem to begin with. 

Our bodies were designed to produce our own self-healing drugs.  Oftentimes, the answer to health is staring us right in the face.  More sleep, a better diet, exercise…a lot of aspects can affect our health.

It seems many in our society are at the point where they expect to be taking 5 - 10 pills every day by the time they reach 50. Is this what you expect?

Have our minds been brainwashed to really accept this? In most cases, yes.
There are simpler, more proven ways to feel good and become healthy without taking an overdose of drugs. This is what I’ll share with you inside, Healthy, Happy and Whole!


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How pill popping will be a thing of the past. We are all so quick to pop pills and treat the symptoms instead of considering or even attempting to fix the root of the problem. This can be a lifestyle choice, mental health or even unresolved conflicts. We're going to find the real health issues you face.

How forgiveness will free your soul. Many people hold onto grudges which directly affects their qualify of life and how they approach relationships.  Are you one of them? We're going to dig deep into your mind and free yourself from any hold you allowed a person to put on you.

The mirror test won't let you down. It's easy to see faults of others while ignoring your own. Some people don’t see the way they hurt others.  We'll find out what your true qualities are and you'll be able to improve any faults that may affect the way you relate to others. This in turn will help your surrounding world come together in a way you won't believe...karma.

Your gratefulness will lead the way. Recognizing what you have and being thankful is the first step in happiness. Giving and supporting others can be a wonderful feeling.  Sometimes this gets ignored, but what you'll discover is how fabulous being content can greatly improve the quality of your life.

Gaining control of stress is a cinch. Managing stress and controlling what we put in our life is easy if you just plan ahead.  Learn how to see into the future and not put yourself in stressful situations.  There are several secrets you'll be able to implement.

Proper nutrition and weight management will become embedded in your mind and guide you. Discover how what you eat directly affects your health. These discoveries will guide you as you learn simple diet and nutritional techniques designed to keep you healthy and feeling great!

Water will keep your body healthy. Discover why water is the #1 most important substance in the universe. This simple plan will rid your body of toxins which results in healthy weight loss.

Get extra energy boost by exercising. How exercise will help you gain energy, reduce stress and give you the motivation to achieve things you've been dreaming about.

Secrets to good sleep that'll have you feeling great all day every day. The more sleep you get each night, the more healthy you'll be. The techniques you're about to discover will keep you healthy.


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