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Vijaya Nair, M.D


What do cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer's, digestive track disorders, macular degeneration, and chronic fatigue syndrome have in common? They're ALL caused by chronic low grade inflammation which can be prevented and reversed. Yet most health professionals don't know this.

That's the message of Harvard-trained physician Vijaya Nair, M.D., a researcher and epidemiologist who turned to alternative medicine when her own health problems (tumors, diabetes and other ills) weren't responding to conventional treatments.

Below are some of the topics covered in this exclusive Healthy Revelations VIP interview with Dr. Nair:

• Although billions of dollars are given to study cancer and other diseases, Western medicine hasn't made a dent in the death rate due to cancer and its complications.

• Why botanical therapy and mind-body-spirit medicine work so well when you're ill.

• Answers Paul's questions about complementary and alternative healing (life-enhancing nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, meditation, yoga, guided imagery).

• Her own inspiring story of bouncing back to optimum health.

• What informed patients discuss with their doctors.

• 5 tips to de-stress your life, enjoy more time, get by on less sleep, and have a great sex life!

CREDENTIALS: Dr. Vijaya Nair, former professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University, is a highly-regarded expert in identifying risk factors for disease and for determining optimal treatment for cancers, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and Alzheimer's. Dr. Nair, a pioneer in developing and promoting the JIVA Line of nutritional dietary supplements, has authored the critically-praised book PREVENT CANCER, Strokes, Heart Attacks, and Other Deadly Killers!

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More information about Dr. Vijaya Nair

Dr. Vijaya Nair is an esteemed medical researcher and epidemiologist with a passion for integrating Eastern approaches with Western medical and scientific training. A native of Singapore, she earned her medical degree from the National University of Singapore in psychiatry. Dr. Nair later immigrated to the United States, where she completed her post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School and received a master's degree in epidemiology from Columbia University. Fascinated by what she learned from her studies, Dr. Nair lectured and conducted research at Columbia University, School of Public Health. She has authored numerous research publications and articles in her quest to educate the public about the health benefit of nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory remedies.

Dr. Nair is also the CEO and co-founder of a woman-owned bionutraceutical company, JIVA, The Essence of Life, based in New York. While at Columbia University, she collaborated with other world renowned scientists in clinical research evaluating safe alternative therapies from Eastern medicinal approaches, such as Ayurveda, and traditional Chinese medicine as preventive therapies, as well as to address complications and side effects of conventional medical treatments for heart disease, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer's. As a result of her extensive research, she has developed a medically sound line of supplements that are carefully formulated according to scientific and traditional guidelines, and are available to the public.

Dr. Nair is also an international speaker and conducts workshops and seminars on Integrative Health and Life Enhancement Skills to teach mindbody and emotional techniques to address the stressors we face in everyday life. She has trained in Ayurveda and is a researcher in the field of energy medicine. On the humanitarian scene, she and her company are involved in READ Global, an organization launched in 1991 to build libraries and bring women's empowerment centers to rural and underdeveloped countries in Asia. She lives in Bedford, New York and has dedicated her career to lecturing, researching and writing about various aspects of complementary and alternative medicine, especially the role of nutraceuticals in health and wellness.