Avoid Packing on the Pounds while on Vacation

Sure everyone loves vacation, but no one loves coming back from vacation and stepping on the scale. Instead follow these steps to avoid putting on those extra pounds.








  • Book a hotel or condo with a kitchen, a mini-kitchen, or at least a small refrigerator.  If you have a kitchen in your place you will be prone to eat a few meals in your place, which will be healthier than consistently eating out during your entire vacation.  You can always choose to eat your breakfast and lunch in your room, then have your dinner out so that you can still enjoy some delicious vacation food.
  • Do some research about the restaurants and food options in the area where you are vacationing.  If you know what restaurants and resorts offer healthier choices than others, then you can plan your meals out and not just choose the closest (and sometimes unhealthier) place when it is time to eat.
  • Pack some resistance bands in your suitcase for some easy exercises on the go.  You can easily find some great resistance band workouts online and do them in the privacy of your room.
  • Change up your playlist.  If you are working out while on vacation, choose an entirely different playlist or a different audio book to switch things up while you are away from your normal routine.  This way you can still relax like you are on vacation, but still get in your workout… even if the only different thing is what’s coming through your headphones.
  • Don’t forget your sneakers… and you can do so by wearing them when you travel.  Most people who don’t exercise on vacation say it’s because they forgot to pack their tennis shoes.  If you are wearing your tennis shoes when you leave your house then you can’t use that as an excuse.
  • Work out first thing in the morning.  One reason is that if you get up early and workout the rest of the day you are free to do whatever you please.  Another reason is that you won’t affect anyone else’s schedule that may be on vacation with you if you get up first thing and get your daily workout in.  You don’t have to try and fit in a full workout. Even 20 minutes of jogging, walking or doing yoga is better than doing nothing.

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