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How to Keep our Joints Healthy

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Joints connect everything and every bone in our body. They glide and roll and bend to keep you walking, running and moving. It even comes in different sizes and varieties, but they need the same thing, the right care.

To keep bones and joints healthy, you may have to do some change in lifestyle and to take in some necessary nutrients needed for it. And since it can be susceptible for wear and tear after some time, damage may occur in form of arthritis and other condition. So what should you do?

Joint Stats

According to statistics, ¾ of people have joint age that is older than their actual age. And once you are overweight, your joint health might be that much better compared to those who have the right weight.

And joint health may also vary depending on the career path you are having. Those who are in the field of education are more likely to have aging bones than their actual age compared to those who are in the media, legal and finance careers.

In Most countries in the world, arthritis ranks 1 in the doctor visits followed by joint pain. And women are more likely to have joints problem than men due to the estrogen in their bodies that starts to decline as they age. And before the age of 85, more or less 50% of population will acquire osteoarthritis.

Now, how will you combat these statistics? What will you do?

Limiting Sugar

Sugar from soda, sports drinks is associated with the decrease in bone density. And more often, it can lead to weight gain and loss of calcium in the body. The reduction of sugar in diet will help. Substituting sugar craving with healthy sweets can be the next easy step you can give your body.

Ingest Calcium

You might be on diet that is low on calcium. Remember that calcium is essential for bone health. Good strong bones can resist breakage even during falls which helps protect joints as well. You can have your calcium from dairy products (milk, yogurt, and cheese), kale, broccoli and fish.

Pile on some Omega-3 Fatty Acids in your Diet

Omega-3 fatty acids are rich in anti-inflammatory properties. These can help you resists joint swelling and even help you reduce arthritis problem. It can help your bone to be strong as well addressing the bone breakage problems which estrogen may cause during the menopausal stage among women. Omega-3 fatty acids can be source from fish such as tuna, mackerel, salmon and sardines.

It can also be taken from other marine sources such as krill and calamari. If eating fish seems not a viable option, supplements such as marine oils (fish oil, calamari oil, krill oil) can be options.

Vitamin D

The intake of Vitamin D in your diet may help in better absorption of calcium. Vitamin D is mostly found in food such as eggs, salmon, Vitamin D enriched milk products and in cod liver oil.

Lose Weight

Your weight can squish your joints, your bones and everything that keeps it standing. So better lose some flabs before your knees give out on you.


So you may have oiled your joints from above recommended foods. But still, if it goes unmoved, your joints and bones may still suffer from problems. So better be exercising everyday. And practice good posture.

Visit Your Doctor regularly

Your doctor can provide you evolution and the right insights to what you are experiencing. So try to see him regularly and have some medications right away or get more to tips to prevent joint demise.

Alternative Weight Training Exercises

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There a number of popular weight training exercises that most people know about. The most common of these are the bicep curl, the shoulder press and the lunge lift – the ones that are usually seen in movie montages where the main character is getting “buff” and the ones performed in a gym by people seeking to gain a little muscle mass.

While these will help you reach your goal of increasing your strength and toning your muscles, there are other, alternative weight training exercises that can accomplish the same thing.

Upper Body Strengthening Exercises

If you want to gain arm strength, consider doing some shoulder and triceps exercises along with the usual bicep curls. Some of these do not even require extra weights – they use the weight of your body as the resistance that the weights provide. To gain strength and definition in your shoulder area, do an exercise that works the deltoid muscles in your upper back and shoulders.

Sit in a chair with a resistance band around your feet. Hold the ends of the band in your hands. Lift your arms straight up, while keeping your back straight. Do several reps of this each time that you work out.

Another great exercise for arm strength is the triceps lift. To do this exercise, place two chairs next to each other and stand between them with the backs of each chair facing you. Put your hands on the top of the backs and do a push up like maneuver so that you are leaning on the chairs with your toes on the floor behind you. Hold the position for as long as you can before relaxing and completing it again.

Body Weight Training Exercises

To work out other parts of your body, try some calf raises and deep knee bends – without the weights in your hands – simply use your body as the weight. To do calf raises, stand near the wall with your hands on the windowsill for balance. Point your toe to the floor and, one leg at a time, lift your heel in the air while contracting your calf muscle. Repeat several times before moving on to the other leg. A few repetitions of this will add definition and strength to your leg muscles, most specifically, your calf muscle.

A deep knee bend should be completed while standing near the wall as well, as it will help you keep your balance. Stand perpendicular to the wall with one hand touching it. Keep your feet should length apart, and bend at the knees while keeping your upper body straight. When your upper legs are parallel to the floor, you have bent down far enough.

Slowly lift yourself back up, using only your legs muscles to do so. Repeat several times. This exercise works multiple muscle grounds, including the hamstrings, quadriceps, calf muscles, hip flexors and gluteal muscles.

In order to gain both muscle strength and definition, consider doing alternative exercises like these along with the standard weight lifting movements. You will find yourself getting stronger and more flexible more quickly, and you will not be stuck working the same muscles over and over again each time.

Natural Detoxifying Techniques You Could Do Now

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Having a healthy body is not all about having a slim or muscular figure. We don’t only have to take care of our physical appearance but more importantly what is inside our body. Each day our body is exposed to various toxins. This could be found in the air we breathe and the food we eat. Detoxifying is a great way of getting rid of these pollutants to keep our body working in tip top shape. It compliments a healthy lifestyle improving the benefits of eating healthy and living an active lifestyle.

To help you get started in your detoxifying journey, below are some tips you could start at home.

  • Load up on water  – Most of our body is made up of water. And loading up on water goes a long way in helping our body flush out toxins. All it takes is eight glasses of water and that’s the minimum. However, getting a few extra glasses of water each day doesn’t hurt either.
  • Exorcise those toxins through exercise – Help the body get rid of toxins by spending a few minutes each day exercising. Sweating is a great way of coxing sweat out of the body. Get the benefit of having a slimmer figure while eliminating harmful toxin buildup.
  • Get those veggies – Eating vegetables helps get rid of toxins. This is especially useful for cleaning the digestive tract. It makes it easier for the body to flush it through our solid waste. It provides bulk to our feces decreasing our risk for developing colon cancer.
  • Fruit and Juices –  Whether eaten directly or in its liquid form, fruits are good detoxifying agents. Just like water, fruit juices course its way through our body flushing toxins along the way. Turn your favorite fruit into a juice or make it your favorite snack. A great alternative to processed food and snacks.
  • Fasting for a day – Give your body the best opportunity to get rid of toxins by letting it focus on detoxification. Drink plenty of fluids such as water and juices. This could be done once every month. Living a healthy lifestyle is striking a balance. Never fast for more than a day. You shouldn’t confuse fasting for detoxification with dieting.
  • Body wraps – Body wraps promotes sweating. Increase the benefits of using body wraps by matching it with detoxifying oils. Body wrap treatments are not only a good way of helping your body detoxify but is also a simple way of releasing stress. This way you don’t only get rid of physical toxins but also mental toxins as well.
  • Stay clear of toxins – Don’t just get rid of toxins but prevent it from coming back by living and eating healthy. Stay clear of dirty or polluted environments. Toxins could also enter the body through the air. Eat healthy food that promotes detoxification while avoiding processed foods.

There are many facets to a healthy body. Eating healthy foods and living an active lifestyle is just part of the process. Helping the body rid itself of toxins should not be ignored. Get the complete healthy lifestyle by incorporating each discipline.