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Fat Burning Foods for Get Slim Fast Diet

So you have decided to burn those extra pounds.  There is no best way to address this problem but to working on it consciously.  You can go to the gym and relentlessly jog your way to a fitter you.  Exercising is a proven and effective method to burn fats.  However, this activity will compete for your time.  You have everyday tasks that require the same amount of attention.  A suggested way to burn fat is through being conscious of what you eat.  Yes, what you take into your body often dictates your weight.  In this article, you will learn of various fat burning foods that you have to incorporate to lose those fats in a zap.

A helpful ally

picnic imageThe key to eliminating fats is to help your body in breaking these fats down.  In this task, you will be needing the help of another nutrient – protein.  Protein will aid you in weight loss in several ways.  First, it takes a lot more energy to break down protein compared to other foods, and according to experts, proteins does a better job in reducing hunger compared to carbs.  Also, protein builds up muscle mass you need to have a more efficient workout.  Get the protein you need from eggs.  The albumin or egg white is rich in protein and contains little to no fat.

Fats to burn fats

Yes, you heard it right!  It might sound crazy, but omega-3 fatty acids from fats of fish such as salmon will supply you of your needs.  The exact mechanism is unknown but researchers observed this consistent pattern in their studies.  Other studies suggest that omega -3 fatty acids can satisfy your cravings up to two hours after eating a fish meal.  Also, include other omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods such as canned tuna and herring to your diet.

Something from your kitchen

Vinegar is a kitchen staple.  But did you know that vinegar can help you burn fats?  It can stimulate a certain gene in your body responsible for breaking down fat. If you up for it, slurp about one tablespoon of vinegar a day.  To eliminate its acidic taste, dilute it with soda or milk.

Fruitful choices

If you are looking for fruits to add in your fat burning diet, pick pears and apple.  What do these fruits have?  These two fruits contain flavonoids.  It is natural substance that fights off fats.  It is observed in studies that women who consumed lots of flavonoids had significantly lower rise in body mass index in a period of 14 years compared to women who ate the least.

Another fruit you should consider is grapefruit.  Its fleshy white membranes are said to lower insulin and regulate your blood sugar and metabolism.

Avocados are often mistaken as a fatty fruit.  What people do not know is that this fruit is actually a powerful fat burner.  It has monosaturated fat loosen up cell membranes, allowing fat-burning hormones to act more on the cells.  It also contains substances that disable hormones that promote fat storage.  Also, it pumps up metabolism by providing defenses to the energy-producing components of the cells against free radical damage.  Yummy meal ideas:  Eat this fruit with tomatoes and salt as a morning power up.  Or you can add avocado to green bean salad and spinach.

Burners in a cup

Most of us love sipping coffee as part of our morning rituals.  But coffee can actually get your body in right shape.  Coffee is a powerful adrenaline stimulant.  Once adrenaline is released into your system, it signals your body to burn fat.  A cup of coffee several minutes before a workout will boost your performance in exercises.  You will burn more fats as a result.

Healthy Metabolism for a Better Figure

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People often make excuses after gaining a few pounds. And one of their mostly likely excuses would be a slowing metabolism. This is based on medical fact. Our body’s metabolic rate decreases with age. This makes it harder for us to burn fats from food which usually posed no problems in the past.

However, one can actually go wrong when health experts say otherwise. As far as certified nutritionists are concerned, the common understanding of metabolism is just but a surface to the whole truth. In defining metabolism, one must understand two biochemical mechanisms that comprised it – anabolism and catabolism.

  • Anabolism is pretty much the construction process of metabolism. It is because of anabolism that tissues and cells repair themselves after suffering an injury or illness. Anabolism is responsible for growth and healing.
  •  Catabolism, however, is the most commonly perceived idea of metabolism. This is the part wherein the body breaks down nutrients beginning in digestion. They also break down stored nutrients inside the body such as fats.

In a nutshell, the construction and chemical breakdown processes works in unison so that the human body can attain ideal metabolism. In order to find out whether the body has a healthy metabolism, one should know his or her metabolic rate. Metabolic rate is the overall percentage of energy used to fuel bodily functions, the calories your body normally takes and the amount of calories usually burned. These three ideas factor into the whole crude measure of metabolism. The ideal metabolism one needs to achieve, therefore, means that all these three aspects equally “digest” the right amount.

This general gauge of metabolism consequently follows the idea of proper diet and exercise. Contrary to what most people think, proper diet and exercise is pretty much the husband and wife in the nutrition analogy – they are both inseparable and equally necessary.

When it comes to diet, there are three major building blocks of the food categorization. The whole idea of knowing the types of foods boils down to knowing a “balanced diet”.

  • Carbohydrates are energy-producing foods that are comprised of sugar and starch. Foods like bread, pasta, cakes, muffins, chocolates and rice are examples of carbohydrate-rich menu. When eaten in excess, they become fats.
  • Proteins are the chemical compounds that promote growth and repair of cells and tissues. Proteins are essential to the whole idea of metabolism and these foods are often represented by lean meat, poultry, calcium-rich dairy products, fish and vegetables.
  • Fats are not always unhealthy as common perception represents them. Contrary to popular belief, there are healthy fats necessary for the body. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and vegetable oils make a good auxiliary to nutrition development. Saturated fats ought to be avoided on frequent occasions because they add up more weight in the body.

Exercise is a way to promote better metabolism actively. By doing a lot of aerobic exercises, the body not only burns fat but also circulates blood faster and distributes nutrients more efficiently. Cardiovascular exercise promotes overall development in the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, and excretory systems. Weight training may not necessarily burn fats but it helps lessen the storage of fats after every food intake, as the excess mass goes to the process of building of more lean muscle fibers. An athletic body feels a lot better because it has attained a great measure of ideal metabolism people are yearning for.

How to Curb your Appetite Naturally

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There’s no shortage of miracle pills that promises to instantly cure your food cravings. But isn’t there an easier and safer way to free you from this gastronomical condition? Health experts still believe that the best way to curb your food cravings is sticking to natural treatments. It does not involve using drugs or medications that sometimes have serious side effects.

Though it may not grab the same attention and airtime as most of the commercial treatments available, a lot of people have tried natural food suppressing methods. It has proven itself to be effective and could definitely help you fight your personal battle of the bulge.


One of the best natural appetite suppressants is tea. A lot of diets want you to stop eating at least three hours before you go to bed. Generally, some people try not to eat any food after dinner. But sometimes, you’ll feel hungry though. Just make a large cup of Earl Grey Tea and sweeten it with a few packets of healthy sugar. You will feel full after drinking this and your appetite is under control without spending money on expensive diet pills.

You also don’t have to worry about any unusual side effects. Hot tea works well with almost every diet out there, that’s the best thing about it. A mug of hot tea is allowed whether you are going the low calories route or the latest low carbohydrate diet. Compared to coffee, tea has lower caffeine. It will not keep you awake at night because you can also find it in herbal varieties that have no caffeine.


Your body also releases natural endorphins that suppress your appetite when you exercise although it is meant to make you lose weight. You can walk for about thirty minutes at a brisk pace on the treadmill in the evening after dinner to curb your appetite. You will always sleep better after a little extra exercise and find that your appetite is more under control.

You don’t need to break out in a rolling sweat with an aerobics or heavy weight lifting. All you need to naturally suppress your appetite until the morning is a simple brisk walk for about twenty to thirty minutes.


It is a fabulous natural appetite suppressant. You can drink an entire glass of water before each meal to help lose weight. You can also drink this when you’re preparing lunch or dinner. Your stomach is filled naturally with water and it suppresses your appetite and increases your metabolism at the same time.

To metabolize your body, it needs water. You are getting double duty with this natural appetite suppressant. During winter sometimes, try squeezing a little lemon into some hot water and stir a packet of Splenda. It really does wonders.


This is a natural appetite suppressant as well as a diuretic. A hot or cold coffee is a great way to curb your appetite in the morning or afternoon. You can also replace your snack with coffee.


If you eat a salad with low fat dressing at the start of every meal, you will become full faster although salad may not be naturally appetite suppressing. It can help in keeping you from eating as many calories at a meal as you normally would. It is high in fiber, low in fat and it takes quite a bit of chewing. Your brain is tricked into feeling full with the simple motion of chewing.


This is a fabulous way to suppress appetite naturally. It takes longer to digest and it does not affect blood sugar in the way that carbohydrates do. A stable blood sugar will help speed weight loss. It will also help you feel full longer.

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Treating Sunburns Gently and Naturally

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It’s that time of the year again when the days are longer and the sun seems to shine a little bit brighter. But along with these hot and sunny days comes a common problem, sunburn. We always say that too much of a good thing is bad and when it comes to sun exposure, exposing ourselves for long periods under the sun could certainly do more harm than good.

We often make the mistake of only wearing sunscreen during our forays to the beach or strolls in the park. But the truth is that even when we are driving or just walking a few blocks to the office also leaves us susceptible to sunburns. It all starts with a noticeable darkening of the skin and before you know it skin areas have reddened or painful to the slightest of touches.

Sunburns are the result of overexposure to the sun’s radiation or UV rays. But this does not only cause sunburns, it can also cause skin cancer. UV rays do not only damage the skin but could also damage our DNA.  The result is the production of abnormal skin cells that can lead to skin cancer.

Simple ways of treating sunburns includes applying anything wet or cool to soothe the skin. Cells might have lost their fluid content leaving them dry and damaged. Taking in anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen is also recommended.

Foods rich with anti-oxidants helps fight free radicals and prevent skin cancer. Soaking towels with water is an easy way of treating sunburns. It immediately relieves pain by soothing and cooling damaged skin areas. Drinking water also helps restore lost fluids and skin moisture.

Aloe vera has long been used as a treatment for sunburn. This could be used in the form of creams and gels or by using the plant’s extract directly.  Aloe vera is not only an excellent first aid treatment it also helps in the healing process. It promotes natural healing and speeds up healing time. This has been proved by medical studies and is highly recommended by medical professionals.

Sun block is not only perfect for preventing sunburns. It could also be used as treatment. Sun blocks contain moisturizers that could help cool and restore lost fluid in the skin. Just be sure to use sun blocks that are fragrance- free or do not contain chemicals. The skin’s naturally protection has been compromised leaving it sensitive to chemicals.

Another natural way of treating sunburns is by applying oatmeal to the skin. Oatmeal has long been used as a natural treatment for many skin diseases including chicken pox. It soothes the skin, reduces pain and itchiness. Oatmeal is also a great antioxidant, natural anti-inflammatory agent and is safe to use during bathing.

One interesting way of naturally treating sun burns is by using black tea. Yes, you could simply reach out for your tea bag to instantly heal your burned skin and reduce redness. To make this more effective, chill the bag before using it on your skin. The anti-oxidants are also great for helping restore your skin’s health.

Many of the natural skin beauty treatments could also be used for sun burns. Because these are natural, they don’t contain any chemicals that could harm your skin. Cucumbers for example are not only great for treating tired eyes but could also be used as a first aid treatment for sun burns. It is even more effective if chilled. Slices could be applied directly over the skin to immediately soothe and reduce pain.

Potatoes could be also be used for sun burns. Cold potatoes can reduce skin heat and its covering is said to prevent infection.

If you don’t have any of these readily available, you just might have a carton of milk stored conveniently in your ref. You could use this in lieu of water for your cold compress. It’s a natural way of relieving pain and itchiness. Simply soak cloth in a bowl of milk with ice cubes. You could also use yogurt as a substitute for milk.

Why go the trouble of treating sun burns when the best treatment is prevention. But just in case you find yourself with a nasty sun burn, these natural treatments could go a long way in alleviating the pain and itchiness without further damaging your skin.

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