Health Benefits of Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises is perhaps one of the simplest exercises we can do. Whether we are in the office or feeling stressed at home, all it takes is a few minutes to enjoy the health benefits that deep breathing brings.

Stress Reliever

Deep breathing helps take your mind off stressful situations. It forces you to concentrate on performing the exercise momentarily clearing your mind and reducing your stress level. This can be done anywhere, anywhere. Whether you’re in the middle of a stressful meeting or at the gym, deep breathing does not only help you clear your mind but also relaxes the different muscles in your body.

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Mind over Pain

Feeling the urge to pop a pill for that bothersome headache? Go natural and take a few deep breaths. Focus on your breathing and momentarily distract yourself. Pain can be caused by an aching muscle or poor circulation. Deep breathing gives your body time to relax and recuperate. This could also act as your starting point for mediation.

Strengthen your lungs

People suffering from respiratory conditions such as asthma or bronchitis can benefit from deep breathing exercises. This trains your body to make deeper and longer breathes. Deep breathes can improve air flow to the lungs and improve air capacity.

Improves Meditation

Deep breathing exercises enhances your meditation technique. Breathing is an essential discipline in yoga. Deep breathing brings you closer to the level of consciousness needed to perform yoga.

Improve your workouts and sports performance

Proper breathing technique improves overall physical performance. Deep breathing exercises improves lung capacity and make more oxygen available for your muscles. This is exactly what running out of breathe means. Your lungs are unable to compensate for increased oxygen requirements during high impact or prolonged physical activities.


Deep breathing helps relax your mind and body. Performing deep breathing exercises after a physically exhausting activity helps relax your muscles. It also brings much needed oxygen to the different cells in your body. Deep breathing exercises help relax shoulder muscles while releasing pent up stress. If you’re having a hard time going to sleep, deep breathing exercises sets your body up for relaxation and good night sleep.


The simple act of exhaling helps you release harmful toxins from the body. Exhaling for example helps remove carbon dioxide a byproduct of cell activity. It also improves the flow of oxygen back to the body that feeds the cells.

It is amazing how a few deep breathes can do wonders for your mind and body. These are very simple to perform and can be done almost anytime and anywhere. So the next time you feel stress building up or find yourself too tired to move a muscle, take a few deep breathes to rejuvenate your mind and body.



Reading and Understanding Food Labels

Reading and understanding food labels can be really tricky. However it is important especially for homemakers to know how to read and understand such nutritional labels. Basically, food labels provide a detailed and comprehensive account of what is included in a particular food item. In a similar manner, food labels also provide the types of vitamins, minerals and nutrients one can get from a particular food item.


The problem however is that food labels are often filled with unnecessary jargon that may confuse the average homemaker. Hence below are some tips on how to read and understand food labels in a clearer manner.

Always be a doubter

When it comes to food, giving the benefit of the doubt is not that wise. A good rule of thumb is to always know exactly what type of food you consume or what ingredients are included in the food you consume. You need to be always sure.

If you are in doubt as to what a particular food label means, try asking your dietician or even your general physician. Additionally, it would be a lot wiser if you do not simply believe everything that’s being presented to you. Try to find out the truth yourself, with the Internet, it’s a lot easier.

Know what ingredients are included

You need to also pay close attention to the ingredients included in the food item you are considering to buy. Find out how was it made and from what was it made. Needless to say, a potato chip does not necessarily contain potatoes. That’s a bitter pill to swallow but that is how some food manufactures do business.

Apart from the actual ingredients, the nutrients contained should also be looked at. In general, opt for a food item that has greater amounts of vitamins and minerals compared to food items with heaps of carbohydrates and calories.

Check the serving size per calculation

Another important thing that you should consider is the serving size per calculation. Find out whether the food label is based per serving or if it’s for the whole package. You need to be really cautious here as most food manufacturers use such trick whenever they’re food are deemed unhealthy due to high amounts of calories.

Scrutinize the types of fat included

There are various types of fat and it is important that you find out what exact types are included in the food item you are considering to buy. There are healthy types and unhealthy ones so you need to really master the trick here. Basically, saturated fats, hydrogenated fats and tropical oils should be avoided as much as possible.

Do not forget the calories per serving

The calories per serving is another vital factor in food labels. Actually, it’s the first thing that you should look at as calories are energy and unused energy will eventually make you fat. Make sure that the calories per serving is sufficient enough but not too high.

Since 1994, the United States Food and Drug Administration or FDA has obliged food manufacturers and distributors to put a food label at the back of their food items in order to equip consumers with the right knowledge on what they are eating and how healthy they are.

Now it’s up to you to reap the benefits of the transparency created by the FDA.


Recovering After a Workout

Feel exhausted after a grueling day at the gym? This would not come as a surprise since a serious workout requires huge amounts of energy. Your level of exhaustion may depend on the intensity and length of your workout. Just like a machine, you should load up on fuel to run the entire length of your workout. Deciding to take better care of your health by working out is a big step. But before deciding on this new path it would be a good idea to consult your doctor.

Fitness woman happy smiling

Fuel up your Body

Exercising a good way to loose excess body fat. And most people make the mistake of skipping meals to enhance their weight loss efforts. This way, they’re burning fats while preventing additional fats from entering the body. This looks good in paper and it surely is a quick way of shedding unwanted pounds.  This might work for the first few days but depriving your body from its natural source of energy would lead to serious health concerns in the long run.

Eating before and after workouts provides the body with much needed energy not only during workouts. It also allows your body to repair itself and prepare for the next day at the gym. A healthy diet does not involve skipping meals but one that tells you to eat the right type and recommended amounts. If you plan to use exercise as part of a weight loss program, consult your doctor or a dietician for proper food intake and schedule.


More than half of our body is composed of water and when we exercise, we lose some of these as sweat. Water is essential in our body’s everyday processes. And without adequate water levels our body is unable to function optimally.

Dehydration is a serious threat to our health. And we should keep ourselves hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water. Dehydration can cause dizziness and weakness. And when you’re working with weights at the gym, this could lead to a serious accident.

Get some sleep

Sleep is not overrated. Sleeping gives our time to recover and get much needed energy for the next day. Spending a few hours at the gym is an excellent way to get a healthy body but we should also give our body much needed time for rest. Without sleep, going to the gym the following day would not be possible or even be dangerous. Seven to eight hours of sleep is all that’s needed for our body to repair and get itself ready for the next day.

Gradually increase the intensity of your workout

Aside from performing warm-up exercises before working out, gradually increase the intensity of your workout. Build your cardio and strength before progressing into heavier weights. Workout injuries are often caused by overdoing your exercises. Having a healthy and slimmer body can’t be achieved in a day.

Listen to your body

When you’re tired get some rest. To keep workouts healthy and free from injuries, simply listen to your body. Pain is our body’s way of telling something is wrong. Listen to your body for any signals such as pain or tiredness.





Dangers of Omega 3 Overload


Omega 3 Overload

The benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids are well documented. A diet that includes this essential nutrient can lower our risk for cardiovascular disease and decrease the levels of cholesterol. However, its benefits go beyond preventing diseases. It is also essential for normal body functioning.

But what happens when we take in more than the healthy amounts of Omega 3?

The recommended daily dose for Omega 3 is 800mg to 1,000 mg. This is equivalent to eating two fish dishes weekly. However, people who are planning to reduce their triglycerides by using Omega 3 fatty acids, higher dosages could be taken upon your doctor’s advice. There are no set levels for children. It is only advised that they avoid eating fish that are contaminated with chemicals or mercury. This is also readily available in Omega 3 supplements.

 The Good Side of Omega 3

Omega 3 supplements have been flying off the shelves and for good reason. Medical studies have proven that these essential fatty acids are important for many processes in the body including brain development.

This essential nutrient counteracts the effects of bad cholesterol. It prevents plaque buildup, improving blood flow. It reduces the levels of triglycerides and lowers blood pressure. Omega 3 can also reduce the risk for abnormal heart rhythms or arrhythmia. Overall, Omega 3 is a wonder nutrient that could not only reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases but also help people suffering from it.

Pros and Cons

There are some risks associated with consuming large amounts of fish. However, this is more associated with eating contaminated fish. The amount of chemicals contained in fishes could be attributed to species and where this was harvested. Fish that have longer life spans for example have a higher risk of containing mercury in their system. If you feel that your fish may contain large amounts of mercury, information is available in your local health boards.

Sources of Omega 3

Fish is the most popular source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Of note, anchovies, mackerel, halibut, swordfish, salmon, fresh water bass, shrimp, calamari, oysters and herring are rich sources of Omega 3. This could also be sourced from plants that include soybean, canola, olive and flax oils.

Omega 3 is now also available in dietary supplements. This however, should not be considered as medications for treating cardiac problems. It is intended to be an alternative source for Omega 3 for people who can’t take it from natural sources.

Dangers of Omega 3 Overdose

The dangers associated with taking large amounts of Omega 3 is directly associated with its benefits. One example is its anti-inflammatory properties that could help people suffering from arthritis. When you reduce the chances of clotting it increases the possibility of bleeding. And the best way of avoiding this is to eat well rounded diet. Take your recommended dose of Omega 3 but don’t forget meat for example. It helps in the normal balance of nutrients in the body, making sure that you are getting all the recommended amounts of nutrients.


Home Treatments for Natural Breast Enlargement

ID-10046769 Summer SunA well filled out shirt looks better than a dress that hangs shapeless in you. Unless you are fearfully thin and is modeling for something that requires it, a well shaped body, the right booty and the right chest size that complements your structure will make you more human.

And with this idea, many women are seeking ways to help them improve their breast size. Next to losing weight, many women dreams of being well endowed in the chest if given a chance.

Some Short term Remedies for a Well Filled Breast

A push up bra has long been doing wonders for many women. But then today, it doesn’t seem enough, why settle for a temporary one when you can have it permanently through other options?

Another way to cheat on the size is by looking for clothes that may enhance your breast size. A strategically made dress, the right collar and the right ruffles can help put emphasis on your breast, creating an illusion of it getting bigger.

The average American female breast size is 35.9 inches. It falls a hair inch short from the typical perfect body vital statistics of 36-26-36! But nevertheless, this ideals has long been obsolete, breast size that is bigger than 36 is more coveted now.

Natural Breast Enhancing Alternatives

There are different methods of breast enlargement. Of which some are natural some can be sought from medical and cosmetic clinics. The former we will discuss now, and the latter, later.

  1. Your breasts are made up of fats and not muscles. Contrary to the belief that exercise will make your breast bigger, exercise can’t. But it can tone your pectoral muscles beneath the breast which will help make it bigger. Good exercises includes:
  • Push ups
  • Chest presses. You can make use of dumbbells here. Lie back on a bench, lift weights to your chest, lift it up straight and slowly lower it down again. Repeat and change dumbbells weight.
  • Chest compression, contraction. Contract muscles here but don’t extend. Stand with feet apart, hold a towel in front of chest, arms outstretched. Pull at the sides of the towel at the same time. Do it repeatedly in short bursts.
  1. Breast massage. Breast massage has long been used in ancient cultures to increase breast. Massage can stimulate growth as well as increase circulation. Do it 20-30 minutes a day and size can improve in as early as 30 days. To do the massage, follow below:
  • Warm your hands by rubbing them together.
  • Place your warm hands in your breasts.
  • Rub your hands inwards going around your breast in circles.
  • Make your right hand circle in clockwise direction.
  • Your left should do a circling counter clockwise direction.
  • Rewarm your hands and make sure you do 100-300 circular massage in the morning and another at night.
  1. Some herbs can be very beneficial. But this should depend as well. Some herbs are not safe. This should be consulted to experts first. Fenugreek has been a well-known herb for the process.
  1. Avoid toxic foods and substances, alcohol and smoking. 

Breast Enlargement Options

Breast enlargement hasn’t been hype; it has been there to stay. A proof to this is the growing industry of breast augmentation and implants surgery. Breast augmentation has taken a top spot in most clinics all over the world.

Options include different types of implants, size of breast and the type of surgical technique.  It would require you to save up for it though but its long term benefits are also notable.

Some unhealthy alternatives maybe offered to you such as estrogen injection and other plant based estrogens. Stay away from it, they may be cancerous. You can go for the options above or try to consult a doctor to be sure.


Natural Remedies for Cracked Feet

Female feet with pedicureFoot conditions such as cracked feet are often brushed aside because it is considered as a cosmetic inconvenience. After all it could easily be hidden out of sight by wearing shoes or covering it up with socks. But cracked feet can be a cause of insecurity especially when you’re planning a trip to the beach. You wouldn’t want those cracked feet ruining those beautiful sandals. Good thing, cracked feet can be treated easily and you could find some of these right in your kitchen.

Vegetable Oils

We all know how vegetable oils make a better alternative to animal oils. But these oils can also help you get rid of unsightly cracked feet. To get rid of cracked feet, soak it in soapy water. Then use a pumice stone to scrub the dry skin areas. Gently massage the area with vegetable oil. Wear clean sock and leave them overnight to let the oils seep deep into the skin. Repeat this until the cracks disappear leaving only smooth skin.

Paraffin Wax

Cracked feet are usually asymptomatic and do not cause pain. But extreme cases of cracked feet where cracks run deep into the skin, pain is usually reported. A paraffin wax treatment could be used to provide temporary pain relief. Paraffin wax is also especially effective in softening hard, dry skin cracks.


Soak your feet in water mixed with lemons for a few minutes. Lemons are acidic and can be used to break hard, dry skin. Use lukewarm water as hot water can cause the skin to dry out even more. Use pumice stone to scrub cracked skin areas.

Ripe Bananas

Certainly one of the healthiest fruits available, ripe bananas could also be used to treat cracked feet. Get a couple of ripe bananas and turn it into paste. Apply this directly over the feet and leave it for a few minutes. Let it stay for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse it off with water. The banana acts as a natural skin moisturizer that restores nourishment to the skin.


Honey has two properties which make it ideal for treating cracked feet. It is a natural moisturizer and has antibacterial properties. Its moisturizing properties soften the skin which makes it easier for you to scrub dry, excess skin. Cracked heels can create easy portals for infection to set in. These cracks could run deep into the skin and open the skin for infection. Honey’s antibacterial properties protect you against infection.

Petroleum Jelly

This is an excellent way of protecting our feet against cracked heels as well as locking in moisture in the skin. Apply petroleum jelly right after scrubbing. Wear socks to keep petroleum jelly locked in.

The skin is our body’s largest organ. Proper skin care is more than erasing wrinkles or fine lines. Cracked feet may not have the same level of urgency such as the development of fine lines or wrinkles but it also shows neglect. Treating cracked skin is easy. These treatments can be done at home and are not only effective but also comes cheap.

Foods that Helps Relieve Pain Naturally

Food PyramidYou want to come with your friends to watch a movie after work, but your painful back would not allow you to; you want to play with your grandchild but your creaky joints prevents you from doing so; you want to run in a marathon but afraid that you knees lacks the strength due to inflammation.

There are lots of moments in life that is meant to be spent in fun. However, because of the pain that runs into your system, it simply limits you to live to the fullest of you can be. Conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and muscle strains are common conditions that when not counter-attacked by your body’s natural healing process can refrain you from living happily and normally.

What Can You Do When NSAID’s won’t Help?

Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Naproxen, Analgesic among others are types of medicine that people run to when they feel pain; but, what if your stomach is sensitive enough to handle these medications? Would you just sit there and wait for your body to cure the problem for you? The good news is that you don’t need to suffer long. There are natural alternatives that can attack inflammation to boost your body’s healing powers.

Here are six of nature’s remedies that can replace or enhance the capabilities conventional medications for a pain-free physicality.

  1. Fish or Calamari Oil: Packed with the amazing wonders of Omega-3, fish and calamari oil which are its natural sources are best included in your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. As reported by ScienceDaily from a study conducted by a biochemist in University of Michigan, Omega-3 can significantly reduce the production and potency of various prostaglandins that triggers inflammation.
  2. Aquamin: This red seaweed is another wonder with its inflammation-fighting abilities, thus there are plenty of joint supplements based on it that appears in the market today. It is rich in Calcium, magnesium among other 74 trace minerals that includes selenium, zinc, and iron.
  3. Vitamin D: People with deficiency to Vitamin D are most likely victims of chronic pain. If you are more likely to suffer from inflammation especially caused by joint pain, getting yourself an ample amount of the sunshine-vitamin from a daily morning walk can make miracles. Vitamin D also function in the metabolism of calcium for superior bone health.
  4. Chili Peppers: Love spicy food? Then you are also spicing up your health! Capsaicin from chili peppers is a natural remedy for pain and is rich with Vitamin E that is beneficial for the skin. Topical capsaicin is used to alleviate pain caused by muscle sprains, strains and rheumatoid arthritis. It is good for back pain, fibromyalgia, and headaches, but you have to be wary if you have skin irritation. Do not forget to wash your hands after application and do not touch your eyes and other sensitive areas of the skin after applying capsaicin.
  5. Pineapples: This delish tropical fruit is rich in enzyme called bromelain. Bromelain is helpful in osteoarthritis by reducing inflammation and pain.
  6. Vitamin B2: Deficiency in riboflavin can cause mouth ulcers, sore throat, and iron deficiency anemia. It is richly found in liver, dried herbs, peppers, spices, soybeans, and fish. In a study, riboflavin has found with promise in reducing the frequency of migraines.

Food play a vital role in preventing the triggers of anti-inflammatory responses in the body. Eat food rich in nutrients mentioned above for an anti-pain diet.  Increase your intake of Omega-3 and create good balance of it with Omega-6. Omega-6 tend to promote inflammation, but are still essential for your health.

Keeping your Hair Healthy

woman-combing-her-hair-100114310The hair is called your crowning glory for a reason. Imagine how beautiful you can be when you sport that thick, long, healthy, and super shiny mane that glows with life. Pretty isn’t it? The good thing is that “pretty” is very achievable. No matter what the type of hair you have, you can make it beautiful by taking care of it right.

How to take care of your hair? We would like to help through these tips.

Hair Health through Diet

  • Get Enough Protein. The hair is made of proteins and to keep it healthy, you have to get the right amount of protein from your diet. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, there is no need to increase your intake, but if you are active, you will need more.
  • Omega-3. Eat food rich in omega-3 like cold-water fish, calamari, and seafood among others. Omega-3 is a vital fatty acid that cannot be produced by our body so we have to take it from external sources. About 3% of the hair shaft is made up of those fatty acids and they play a big role in keeping the scalp hydrated. People searching for places where to buy Omega 3 should look for natural sources.
  • Iron is a very important mineral for hair health and too little iron in the body can cause major hair loss. The hair follicle and hair root are fed by a nutrient rich blood supply, and that is what iron is for. This happens the same way with people who are experiencing high-levels of stress. Stress is caused by low iron supply, thus hair-loss also occur. When you get iron, you hit two birds in one stone—healthy hair and a body that keeps stress at bay.
  • Vitamin C. Before you go and take that iron supplement to reenergize your locks, also consider Vitamin C. The good ‘ol immunity booster aids the body in absorbing iron so they will be great partners. Good sources of Vitamin C are blackcurrants, broccoli, guava, oranges, papaya, and berries. Vitamin C also helps increase the production of collagen that strengthens capillaries for hair shaft.
  • Zinc and Selenium. There is a good reason to eat oysters and seafood. They are rich in minerals like Zinc and Selenium. Take these minerals from rich sources such as whole grains, beef, and eggs.

Care Tips to Achieve Beautiful Locks

Wash your hair right.

  1. Massage your scalp with shampoo and conditioner for about 40 minutes. If you have an oily hair, shampoo would be enough.
  2. Pour conditioner into your hands and massage hare from root to tips. For softer hair, you can leave the conditioner for three minutes before rinsing it off.
  3. For the final wash, rinse hair with cool water, this seals the hair cuticle for locked in moisture.

Dry hair properly.

  • The use of hair dryers has a bad image to many when it comes to hair health. However, they simply do not know how to use it right.
  • When blow drying, hold a distance between hair and the dryer. The heat boils the hair and as much as possible keep it a good distance away. Too much heat can make the hair coarse and dry.
  • Do not wring your wet hair. Wet hair is vulnerable. Wringing it can cause breakage and hair-fall.
  • Use wide tooth comb when drying a wet hair.

Get a regular treatment.

  • There is no need to go to the salon every month if you want your hair to get treated. A deep conditioning treatment with coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil will do.
  • There are hair masks available in the market that you can apply yourself.
  • Be careful on using styling products.


With good health practices, and proper grooming tips, you can boost your hair’s beauty to the maximum.


How to Keep our Joints Healthy

Senior Couple Exercising In ParkJoints connect everything and every bone in our body. They glide and roll and bend to keep you walking, running and moving. It even comes in different sizes and varieties, but they need the same thing, the right care.

To keep bones and joints healthy, you may have to do some change in lifestyle and to take in some necessary nutrients needed for it. And since it can be susceptible for wear and tear after some time, damage may occur in form of arthritis and other condition. So what should you do?

Joint Stats

According to statistics, ¾ of people have joint age that is older than their actual age. And once you are overweight, your joint health might be that much better compared to those who have the right weight.

And joint health may also vary depending on the career path you are having. Those who are in the field of education are more likely to have aging bones than their actual age compared to those who are in the media, legal and finance careers.

In Most countries in the world, arthritis ranks 1 in the doctor visits followed by joint pain. And women are more likely to have joints problem than men due to the estrogen in their bodies that starts to decline as they age. And before the age of 85, more or less 50% of population will acquire osteoarthritis.

Now, how will you combat these statistics? What will you do?

Limiting Sugar

Sugar from soda, sports drinks is associated with the decrease in bone density. And more often, it can lead to weight gain and loss of calcium in the body. The reduction of sugar in diet will help. Substituting sugar craving with healthy sweets can be the next easy step you can give your body.

Ingest Calcium

You might be on diet that is low on calcium. Remember that calcium is essential for bone health. Good strong bones can resist breakage even during falls which helps protect joints as well. You can have your calcium from dairy products (milk, yogurt, and cheese), kale, broccoli and fish.

Pile on some Omega-3 Fatty Acids in your Diet

Omega-3 fatty acids are rich in anti-inflammatory properties. These can help you resists joint swelling and even help you reduce arthritis problem. It can help your bone to be strong as well addressing the bone breakage problems which estrogen may cause during the menopausal stage among women. Omega-3 fatty acids can be source from fish such as tuna, mackerel, salmon and sardines.

It can also be taken from other marine sources such as krill and calamari. If eating fish seems not a viable option, supplements such as marine oils (fish oil, calamari oil, krill oil) can be options.

Vitamin D

The intake of Vitamin D in your diet may help in better absorption of calcium. Vitamin D is mostly found in food such as eggs, salmon, Vitamin D enriched milk products and in cod liver oil.

Lose Weight

Your weight can squish your joints, your bones and everything that keeps it standing. So better lose some flabs before your knees give out on you.


So you may have oiled your joints from above recommended foods. But still, if it goes unmoved, your joints and bones may still suffer from problems. So better be exercising everyday. And practice good posture.

Visit Your Doctor regularly

Your doctor can provide you evolution and the right insights to what you are experiencing. So try to see him regularly and have some medications right away or get more to tips to prevent joint demise.

Alternative Weight Training Exercises

personal trainerThere a number of popular weight training exercises that most people know about. The most common of these are the bicep curl, the shoulder press and the lunge lift – the ones that are usually seen in movie montages where the main character is getting “buff” and the ones performed in a gym by people seeking to gain a little muscle mass.

While these will help you reach your goal of increasing your strength and toning your muscles, there are other, alternative weight training exercises that can accomplish the same thing.

Upper Body Strengthening Exercises

If you want to gain arm strength, consider doing some shoulder and triceps exercises along with the usual bicep curls. Some of these do not even require extra weights – they use the weight of your body as the resistance that the weights provide. To gain strength and definition in your shoulder area, do an exercise that works the deltoid muscles in your upper back and shoulders.

Sit in a chair with a resistance band around your feet. Hold the ends of the band in your hands. Lift your arms straight up, while keeping your back straight. Do several reps of this each time that you work out.

Another great exercise for arm strength is the triceps lift. To do this exercise, place two chairs next to each other and stand between them with the backs of each chair facing you. Put your hands on the top of the backs and do a push up like maneuver so that you are leaning on the chairs with your toes on the floor behind you. Hold the position for as long as you can before relaxing and completing it again.

Body Weight Training Exercises

To work out other parts of your body, try some calf raises and deep knee bends – without the weights in your hands – simply use your body as the weight. To do calf raises, stand near the wall with your hands on the windowsill for balance. Point your toe to the floor and, one leg at a time, lift your heel in the air while contracting your calf muscle. Repeat several times before moving on to the other leg. A few repetitions of this will add definition and strength to your leg muscles, most specifically, your calf muscle.

A deep knee bend should be completed while standing near the wall as well, as it will help you keep your balance. Stand perpendicular to the wall with one hand touching it. Keep your feet should length apart, and bend at the knees while keeping your upper body straight. When your upper legs are parallel to the floor, you have bent down far enough.

Slowly lift yourself back up, using only your legs muscles to do so. Repeat several times. This exercise works multiple muscle grounds, including the hamstrings, quadriceps, calf muscles, hip flexors and gluteal muscles.

In order to gain both muscle strength and definition, consider doing alternative exercises like these along with the standard weight lifting movements. You will find yourself getting stronger and more flexible more quickly, and you will not be stuck working the same muscles over and over again each time.